Bottom-up urban initiatives in Central Europe

In the past years, Central European cities have witnessed the emergence of new actors in urban development and discourse. From housing to food production and distribution, from new public spaces to inclusive community venues, from transportation reform to the systemic reuse of vacant spaces, NGOs in the region have proposed veritable models in urban regeneration, sometime inspiring municipal action, on other occasions offering alternatives to it. While similar initiatives have a growing importance in shaping municipal policies in Northern and Western European cities, there is little or no overview about them. Café Bábel's proposed publication "Bottom-up City" aims at filling this gap, by collecting initiatives and offering models to inspire civic action as well as municipal policies. 

In the proposed magazine issue, authors from Warsaw, Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Budapest will present civic initiatives and analyze the rise of civic actors in Central European cities. The issue, published in Hungarian in print, and in English online, will mark a new chapter in the life of the 24-year old magazine: by shifting towards its new focus on cities and urban transformation, and by inviting international authors to publish new texts on its pages, Café Bábel will offer a shared space for thoughts and concepts about Central European cities. With the help of release events, the publication will not only present emerging urban initiatives to the wider public, but will also create opportunities for these initiatives to recruit new members and supporters, to meet each other and to connect with each other also internationally.

The project is granted by



4AM (CZ)

Fundacja Bec Zmiana (PL)

Jedlé Mesto (SK)

Praguewatch o.s. (CZ)

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